What Your Baby Will Look Like

Throughout your nine months of pregnancy you’ve probably developed this cute, chubby, rosy cheeked little image in your head of what your baby will look like. Then on the day of delivery your baby is not quite what you expected. Well not to panic, it is your baby and all babies look a little strange at first. Here's what you can expect when you first examine your newborn. You may notice a blister-like bump on your baby's forehead. This only happens to vaginally born babies and is caused by the trip down the birth canal and will disappear on its own after a few days.

Sometimes babies are also born with Milia which are hard, white spots that look like pimples found on their nose, forehead and cheeks. These usually go away within the first few weeks after birth. When a baby is delivered head first the pressure of passing through the birth canal can sometimes 'mold' the head into an oblong shape. Many babies also experience skin discoloration after birth. But both baby’s skin color and head shape will return to normal in the coming weeks. So be rest assured that your new baby will be extremely cute and all these symptoms I mentioned will be gone in the coming weeks.

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