Infant CPR - Choking Part 3

Choking is the number one cause of death among infants. As a parent It's important to know what to do in case you're baby starts choking. Maureen Mcllveen, from City CPR Centre in Toronto, shows us step by step instructions on how to revive a choking infant.

What you can do to prevent choking:

• Nuts should not be given to children until age 7 or older.
• Insist that children eat while sitting down. They should never run, walk, or play with food in their mouths.
• Cut food for infants and young children and teach them to chew their food well.
• Supervise mealtime for infants and young children. Many choking incidents occur when older brothers or sisters give dangerous foods, toys, or small objects to a younger child.
• Avoid toys with small parts and keep other small household items out of reach of infants and young children.

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